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Meet the crew!

Tom Curtin (President/owner) - Tom is a dedicated owner and has been making customers happy for over 6 years now.  He is knowledgeable in many aspects of lawn care.

Tim Brussard - Tim has been with the company for 3 years now and works well with customers assuring them of a job done well.  His expertise vary as well and his knowledge helps make our staff even more confident in what we do.

Jason Pedersen - Jason has been with the company for 5 years now and his experience is shown through his quality work dealing with areas ranging from mowing to lawn repair to tree work.

Robert Tourville - Robert has been with the company for 5 years as well and he has a vast knowledge of lawn repair and Pruning.  He has a good eye for what can be done to make your property look amazing.

Mark Dalli - Mark has been with the company for over 3 years now and his enthusiasm and hardwork makes jobs quick, but with the quality every customer deserves. 

Tom's Yard care also has many connections with other landscaping company's in the area.  With the help of those company's along with other tree company's, and hyrdroseeding company's, we provide the best service we possibly can.


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   Meet the Crew